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In todays fast paced digital age, polaroids provide a refreshingly authentic experience. 

A moment to connect with your audience and create a meaningful engagement that leaves a lasting impression.

We create a range of customizable branded frames compatible with Polaroid and Fuji Instax film. 

You can design your frames by adding logos, images and text to make them your own.

fuji instax

We love Fuji Instax and supply cameras, film and custom branded frames for the Mini, Wide and Square cameras


The OneStep2 camera brings polaroid nostalgia flooding back with a modern twist. Make it your own with our custom frames.


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There’s something truly magical about Polaroids, I still don’t know exactly what it is.

Is it shaking them? Or knowing each photo is unique?  Maybe it’s the gratification of watching them develop before your eyes…

Whatever it is, I’m not alone in feeling it. When our Polaroids are out on events everyone goes crazy for them!

After years working in the events industry, I’ve dealt with tech melt downs, broken photo booths and everything in between.

All this led me to go back to the old school and create a reliable solution that’s so much fun.

Besides, everyone loves a polaroid!

Jessica theodore – FOunder

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